• Business Audits – E.g. Is the business process efficient?

  • Contact Center Audits – E.g. Where are customers stuck in the call flow?

  • Application Audits – E.g. Which application is not working as expected?

  • Server Audits – E.g. Why does this process crash?

  • Virtualisation Audits – E.g. Is there over CPU commitment?

  • Database Audits – E.g. Which queries are slow?

  • Network Audits – E.g. What is causing the Voice Quality loss?

  • Storage Audits – E.g. Are my processed delayed by disks?

Six Sigma

Big Data & Data Mining

Contact Flow Analysis

  • How many menus?

  • How many announcements?

  • How many options?

  • Barge in?

  • Total duration?

High Level Call Flow Analysis

Unclear value from software investments:

  • Lack of visibility

  • Cannot measure business impact of changes

  • Unable to use data to drive innovation

First Call Resolution

The average customer case is resolved with 3 calls but some customers call up to 46 times

Communication Analysis

  • Why does this process hang?

  • Why does it crash?

  • How many threads?

  • How much memory?

Call Routing Analysis

Network Analysis

Server Analysis

Scalability Analysis

Modelling of Media Streaming Server

  • CPU MS = 1% x Parellel Calls

  • Simple formula allows management to estimate scalability and right size the environment

  • Media Server is roughly 10x oversized hence costs can be reduced substantially

Audit Overview

Six Sigma Audit

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