Full End-to-End

  • Multichannel: Generate contact across all the channels you offer to your customers

  • Contact Centre: Follow your contactflow no matter what contact centre technology you use

  • Application: Simulate agents to verify that contacts actually arrive and are displayed correctly

  • Infrastructure: Detect problems in transit by verifying hardware, network and cloud infrastructure

Multichannel contact generation

  • Channels: Generate contacts across all channels (voice, mail, chat, social, …)

  • Load: Ability for testing across various telecom operators, from one to thousands of contacts in parallel

  • Quality: Various analytical capabilities to verify voice quality, both perceptually and scientifically

Contact Centre Routing

  • Menus: IVR menus based on static announcements, TTS or ASR using DTMF, Announcements or TTS as input

  • Playback: Generate audio or DTMF-tones on a call to simulate a real customer

  • Scripting: Create scripts defining what is to be expected during the call and what should happen

CRM Integration

  • Ensure the agent gets a popup when the call arrives

  • Automation: Automated agents capable of advanced call operations

  • Customer: ensure the correct customer data is displayed

System Monitoring

  • Hardware: Ensure your hardware is up to the job

  • OS: Detect problems in the operating system

  • Network: Measure speed and quality

Full stack or microservices

Full stack product with user interface:

  • Design and configure scenarios

  • Execute and schedule tests

  • Visualize results

Integration into your existing toolchain:

  • Test execution as part of a CI/CD pipeline

  • Result visualization in existing test tools

  • Ticket generation in project management tools

Custom Integration

Our OpenAPI model allows for custom integrations with specific tools or in-house developed products

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